The Minister of Local Governing of the Libyan Government of National Unity (GNU), Badr Al-Deen Al-Tumi, discussed with the Minister of State for the German Foreign Ministry, Katja Keul, a number of issues related to political tracks, especially general elections and Germany's efforts in support of Libya through the Berlin conferences.

According to the Ministry of Local Governing, Al-Tumi reaffirmed the readiness of GNU to hold elections according to the correct constitutional foundations and the aspirations of the Libyan people to end the transitional stages that lasted for years, referring to the success achieved in the municipal elections that were held recently in a number of cities and are still being held in others, including 30 targeted municipalities in the next two months.

The meeting reviewed the achievements of the GNU in the field of activating local administration and reform programs such as transparency and disclosure the disclosure program and government procurement platform, in addition to reforming the salary structure, adopting the unified salary bracket, activating projects that have been suspended for years, and launching new projects that contribute to improving services to the people.

The two sides also discussed bilateral relations and cooperation in many economic and environmental fields, especially in the field of investment in renewable and clean energies as an alternative source to oil.

Meanwhile, the German minister stressed the importance of the measures taken by the GNU in all fields, saying they confirm that there is a real will to achieve stability and real development, and advance the democratic track.

The two sides also reiterated the need for continued cooperation in a way that contributes to bringing about development and improving the quality of life of citizens, in addition to holding elections on a sound constitutional basis and in a manner that guarantees the end of the transitional stages.