98 members of the House of Representatives (HoR) have commended the efforts done by Italy to organize Palermo Conference on Libya on November 12-13, adding that some countries' flagrant intervention helped fuel lack of accord among Libyans.

In a letter to the Head of the UNSMIL and the Italian ambassador to Libya, the 98 MPs said the HoR and the High Council of State (HCS) are the only parties able to appoint a new president for Libya, saying any attempts to form a new government outside their authorities will be unacceptable.

"Palermo attendees and international community should support the HoR and HCS's efforts and avoid supporting illegitimate bodies." The HoR members added.

They also said that they back up efforts aimed at unifying the military institution and called on the UNSMIL to adopt this track of efforts and help make happen.

"The international community and UN Security Council member states must help preserve Libya's frozen assets and push for unfreezing them so they can be retrieved by the Libyan government." The MPs remarked.

They called on the Presidential Council and all military parties in Libya to commit to any agreement reached by the HoR and HCS as per the Political Agreement, urging the Palermo attendees to help reiterate the need to respect the efforts of the two councils in making decisions in the country.

They also touched upon illegal immigration, saying it is an international issue and Libya is the most damaged by such a problem.

Recently, the HoR and HCS have reached an agreement to reorganize the Presidential Council into one Head and two Deputies and then pick a new government outside the Presidential Council's membership.

Many observers as well as members from both HoR and HCS think that the agreement between the two councils is just another political ploy to buy time and extend their own councils' mandates, citing the urge of the HoR to make amendments as per the political agreement without approving it in the first place.