Libya's Grand Mufti Sheikh Al-Sadiq El-Gharyani has called for elections to solve the Libyan stalemate, warning that any transitional administration would prolong the political crisis.

In his weekly TV program (Islam and Life) on Tanasuh TV, the Mufti urged the Government of National Unity (GNU) to chalk out a clear roadmap for the elections, explaining that they did not choose the GNU, but they reject a new transitional administration.

Bashagha's government should be called by its real name "Haftar's government," the Mufti says, as he expressed his rejection of war in all its forms or the installation of a parallel authority.

The establishment of a third government means empowering the war criminal Haftar," he added, calling at the same time to be cautious of suspicious agendas under slogans of neutrality or fighting corruption.

He called on demonstrators to gather in front of the UN mission’s HQ to demand elections and the expulsion of the UN mission from Libya.

He indicated that removing Bashagha and replacing him with another is not important, as Haftar and Aqila Saleh -the Parliament's speaker- are continuing with their approach.

In his point of view, the Mufti says it is not possible to coexist with a government representing Haftar in the western region, stressing the need to issue strong statements, as silence about recent violations has made space for the "discouraged" to work again, according to his remarks.

Commenting on the incidents in the south, the top religious cleric expressed deep condolences and regret at the tragic fuel tanker explosion.

The Mufti said the events in the south are frequent and numerous, and the authorities are doing nothing to help the population there or relieve them of their pain.

He accused Khalifa Haftar of exploiting the incident for propaganda in disregard for the lives of the people.

"Haftar's militias prevented ambulances sent by the Government of National Unity (GNU) from reaching the wounded, and instead, they transported them in their military planes," Sheikh El-Gharyani said.