The Libyan National Guard (LNG) has called on all the security forces and departments in the country to be detached from political conflicts.

In a statement issued on Friday, the LNG urged the relevant authorities to investigate the latest violations done at the state institutions, the burning of TV channels, houses and other buildings, as well as the killing of state institutions' guards such as what happened in Hadba Prison.

"The so-called Government of National Accord and its Security Preparations Committee are the one to be held responsible for the killings and stealing of personal and governmental properties." The statement reads.

It added that the actions of those militias and armed groups under the UN-proposed government speak different language than the one they are trying to advocate for as they try to convince people that they are fighting criminal gangs, when in fact they are doing damage to state institutions.

"What happened to the Interior Ministry headquarters, Justice Ministry, Civil Registry, Guest Palaces in Rixos, and Hadba Prison as well as the building of the General Intelligence and media outlets is a proof of those gangs' hooliganism." The statement of the LNG added. 

The LNG also denounced the silence of the UNSMIL regarding the news that indicates those illegitimate and outlaw armed groups were allowed to obtain weapons and arms, which have been imported recently despite the fact that the UNSMIL should have remained committed to the UN Security Council's resolution that bans exporting weapons to Libya.

"We call on all Libyan revolutionaries and freemen from across the country to stand tough together to thwart the attempts of enabling the schemed coup against the 17 February revolution.