The commander of the Libyan National Guard (LNG) of the National Salvation Government, Mahmoud Al-Zaqel, called on the forces positioned in southern Libya to fight whom he described "the idiot war criminal Khalifa Haftar." as he is carrying out an agenda that is meant to destroy Libya and then appoint himself as a military ruler in the country.

Speaking on the phone on TV, Al-Zaqel said the LNG forces have now joined the forces who are fighting against Haftar's forces in the south.

"LNG forces are in the south because the war there is the war of February against coup plotters and the war for securing the country and the citizens." He explained.

He also said that the LNG forces had joined other forces in different areas helping security apparatuses to exact security.

"LNG is a security department that is under-construction and will later form a main operations room with other branches in different areas, including the south, which has already had one responsible for communicating with the forces that are fighting terrorism and crimes." Al-Zaqel further explained.

He added that once all the equipment and support needed by the LNG arrives, it will be able to cooperate with other security apparatuses in re-stabilizing the country.

Uneasy calm has descended on the southern region after a ceasefire truce for three days has been reached between the forces of Dignity Operation's loyal follower, Mohammed Ben Nayel and those of the UN-proposed government's defense ministry.