The new Head of the Presidential Council, Mohammed Menfi, met with his two deputies, Abdullah Al-Lafi and Mossa Al-Kouni (online) and discussed the measures leading to holding general elections next December.

The meeting in Tripoli saw the members congratulating Libyans on the tenth anniversary of February 17 revolution that came at time of the Libyans' agreement to end political division, unification of institutions and holding elections.

The Presidential Council Head and members discussed the need to form the unity government according to the roadmap of the Libyan Political Dialogue Forum and inviting the Chairman of the High National Elections Commission for a meeting next week to consult with him about the arrangements for holding general elections next December.

They also talked about opening communication channels with all parties for a better future for Libya, according to a statement by Menfi's media office.

Menfi arrived in Tripoli on Tuesday for the first time since he was elected by the Libyan Political Dialogue Forum in Geneva on February 05.