The Foreign Affairs Committee of the House of Representatives (HoR) has denounced the burning the Quran by an extremist in the Swedish capital, Stockholm, in front of the Turkish embassy.

It described the incident as an insult, a hate crime and far from freedom of expression.

The committee expressed its indignation at the Swedish government's failure to take deterrent measures to prevent repetition of such incident. It also called on the Swedish ambassador to Libya to explain his government's position vis-a-vis the incident.

The committee stressed that the Swedish government's "failure“ to prevent the incident  is threatening relations between the two countries and Sweden's interests in the region, describing it as leniency that violates the principle of freedom of religion and coexistence between different peoples and cultures.

The committee stressed the need to work hard to prevent incidents of defamation of religions, tighten laws in this regard, and to act firmly against any act that does not respect the sanctities of others.