Libyan parties express rejection of Paris conference next month

Libyan parties express rejection of Paris conference next month

October 20, 2021 - 15:52
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Written By: SafaAlharathy

A French-staged international conference proposed for next November to discuss the Libyan crisis is losing momentum before even starting, as wider circles of Libyan politicians are voicing their rejection to the event.

Last month, French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian said France will host an international conference on Libya on November 12 to ensure the electoral calendar would remain in place and to discuss the departure of foreign fighters from the country.

Libyan politicians expressed to the Italian Nova news agency their rejection of the conference calling into question the timing and the hosts' true intention towards Libya.

The French government has long denied arming Haftar's militias, but its Javelin missiles were found in a pro-Haftar base south of Tripoli in 2019 during the latter's offence on the city.
European diplomats told Nova that France suggested hosting the conference in partnership with Italy and Germany, but both countries refused for two primary causes.

The first relates to the timing of the conference, which comes just less than a month before the date of the country's long-awaited elections, and secondly, the conference was seen as a repetition of a similar conference Libya's interim government will host tomorrow Thursday in Tripoli. 

MP Ezz El-Din Qwereb, who is close to Aguila Saleh, Speaker of Parliament, told the Italian agency that the timing "seems very strange." "There is no time left for elections, and I do not expect this conference to lead to any real results that would resolve the Libyan crisis."

For his part, Idris Abu Fayed, a member of the High Council of State, said that "France cannot be trusted and we must be wary of any initiatives it has regarding Libya, especially since it has been involved in the Libyan conflict.. and was not a neutral party, nor did it show a  positive attitude."