Tripoli's Mitiga Airport said an Afriqiyah airplane returned to Tunisia after it was scheduled to land in Misrata Airport in Libya.

The management of Mitiga Airport said the return took place due to military aircraft presence in the airspace of Misrata.

This happened after Khalifa Haftar's warplanes struck Sunday night different locations in Misrata, causing material damage, in addition to military aircraft flying over Misrata civilian airport, obliging the authorities to announce shutdown of airspace.

The airplane returned to Tunisia because Mitiga Airport in Tripoli, which was also struck by Haftar's warplanes by four airstrikes Sunday night, was still closed.

Before the nighttime four airstrikes, Haftar's warplanes carried out an airstrike hitting the runway just five days after the Transportation Ministry announced resumption of work at the airport.

Meanwhile, the UN envoy to Libya Ghassan Salame said at the Mitiga Airport reopening presser that any attack on the airport would be considered a war crime as the UN made sure the airport was void of military operations or presence.