The Libyan Prime Minister, Abdul Hamid Dbiebah, said that Libyans are entering a new year and seeing that the Speaker of the House of Representatives (HoR) Aqila Saleh, and High Council of State (HCS), Khalid Al-Mishri, plunging the Libyan people with continuous disappointments by insisting on remaining in their positions.

In a cabinet meeting on Monday, Dbeibah said that Saleh and Al-Mishri are busy searching for new ways to share power through “suspicious deals," accusing them of seeking to share power by depriving the Libyan people of holding elections on the previous scheduled date: December 24, 2021.

Dbeibah said that the force majeure that prevented the elections from being held in 2021 was nothing but "a ghoul that the Libyans fear," stressing the readiness of the High National Elections Commission (HNEC) and his government to hold elections, adding that 2023 will be the year of elections and the unity of institutions.

He explained that the development sector has been on the move and accelerated since his government took over despite attempts of obstruction.

"We have begun to build schools in all parts of Libya in projects that have been suspended for 20 years. 2023 will have strict follow-up on government procurement to complete all contracts after being accused of corruption previously." Dbeibah said, stressing that the government's most important achievement was activating local administration, which did not happen in the previous years.