The Libyan Prime Minister Abdul-Hamid Dbeibah assigned a number of military locations in Gharyan city to its municipality as per the proposal of last June.

The move came on a visit for Dbeibah to Gharyan, where he announced the adoption of local development area to support non-centralism in addition to Gadama trade area, as well as announcing the start of contracting for Heera-Jandouba, Gawasem-Tarhouna, and Gharyan-Nalut roads.

He said his government would start releasing salaries of over 4500 healthcare services' employees in Gharyan, adding that he was working on visiting all Libyan cities and districts and that his visit to Gharyan was to see what it needed and what challenges people were facing to help resolve them and improve the people's living conditions.

Dbeibah said Gharyan is included in the vision of his government's "Return of Life" initiative, which will resume many suspended projects in the city and Kickstart new ones in the fields of road construction and transportation, among others.