The Libyan Prime Minister Abdul-Hamid Dbeibah called for coordination between the Interior and Justice Ministries to upgrade the legislation system pertaining to immigrants, in addition to coordination with the Labor and Rehabilitation Ministry to organize the process of foreign workforce.

In a meeting for Dbeibah with the Anti Illegal Immigration Apparatus managements as well as a number of officials and relevant authorities on Sunday, Dbeibah said some detained immigrants came to Libya for work and organizing such a process after checking their papers is the task of Labor Ministry, in addition to providing a healthy environment, good nutrition, and identification cards for them so the government can sort them out and categorize them according to the available information.

Security forces in Tripoli conducted a large-scale campaign Friday and raided drugs and alcohol dens, detaining at least 4000 illegal immigrants living in the targeted areas.

The UN Support Mission in Libya denounced the campaign as excessive use of force against immigrants, saying one migrant was killed and at least 15 others injured, six seriously, when Libyan security authorities, carried out raids on houses and temporary makeshift shelters in Gargaresh.

"While the UN fully respects the State’ s sovereignty and supports its duty to maintain law and order, and protect the security of their population, it calls on State authorities to respect at all times the human rights and dignity of all people, including migrants and asylum-seekers."

UNSMIL urged the Government of National Unity to immediately allow the resumption of IOM and UNHCR operated voluntary humanitarian evacuation and return flights and departures of thousands of migrants and asylum seekers in Libya to destinations outside the country.

"The United Nations stands fully ready to work with the Libyan Government and relevant authorities to strengthen migration governance while ensuring full respect of international human rights, humanitarian and refugee law." UNSMIL added.