The Libyan Prime Minister Abdul-Hamid Dbeibah has called on young Libyans to renounce wars and destruction and work on construction and development for a better future for Libya, adding in a speech at the National Project for Rehabilitation and Reintegration launching ceremony in Tripoli, that his government will be providing youths with the best programs so they can work on creating a thriving country.

The new project aims to reintegrate young men, who are part of armed factions, into state institutions.

Dbeibah told the attendees that the youth are a national treasure that should be preserved, saying the project aims to provide them with professions and jobs that keep them away from war and make them feel an integral part of the society.

He also said that the timeline of the government in cooperation with the Ministry of Labor and Rehabilitation aims to raise the capabilities of the youths who want to be part of the reintegration, giving them opportunities to gain practical and scientific knowledge in a variety of specialities.