The Libyan Prime Minister Abdul-Hamid Dbeibah has reiterated that the Libyan Army and military institution will never be controlled by a single person or be under any political affiliation, adding that the Libyan Army can never threaten its own people.

Speaking at a ceremony on the 81st anniversary of establishing the Libyan Army, Dbeibah said those who choose war as way to reach power are delusional and presumptuous, reminding everyone that capitals of states are supposed to be secured by the army forces not attacked and demolished by them.

Dbeibah also condemned the aftermath of wars and said Libyans have been appalled by the footage of mass graves that were the outcome of the recent war in the country; referring to the Tarhouna mass graves where Haftar's loyalist Al-Kani militias buried their opponents after torturing and murdering them.

"We won't allow war to erupt again in Libya. Previous wars have taken enough of our young people and have cost the country and civilians a misery of a lifetime." Dbeibah, who is also the Defense Minister of the Government of National Unity, added.

Dbeibah assured all injured people in Libya, regardless of their affiliation, that the Defense Ministry would take care of their medical treatment as it is the Ministry's main goal and top priority.