Several Libyan political parties and organizations have signed a doctrine to organize political work in the country, boost democracy and peaceful circulation of power as well as to renounce violence and elimination.

The parties, which signed the paper on Monday, reiterated commitment to state sovereignty and stressed the need to work for all Libyans and stay away from partisan bias, promising to denounce terrorism, fanaticism, and using foreign intervention against fellow citizens.

They also stressed the need for transparency regarding their funding sources and to keep military, security, judiciary and religious institutions away from politics.

"We also vow to protect and respect elections and the independence of the electoral commission and we will work toward achieving comprehensive national reconciliation." The parties added.

The six parties, which signed the paper, said other parties are welcome to join.

Signatories included Tajamou Al-Ittihadi (Union Gathering) Shabab Al-Wasat, Naam Libya (Yes Libya) National Movement, Taghyeer Party, National Alliances Party, and Justice and Construction Party.