The Libyan Prime Minister Abdul Hamid Dbeibah said in a speech at an event at the Libyan Academy for Information and Technology on Saturday that there "will be no more wars in Libya from today on and will only be improvement of life and development for all people in the country." 

Dbeibah said Libya has regained its position and status among other states and will move forward with more progress, especially e-government services. He also stressed that the Government of National Unity paid great attention to young people, and it was helping them through one initiative after another, represented in marriage and education grants, housing loans, repairing educational institutions and sponsoring various activities for the youth. 

Commenting on the achievements of the young people at the event, Dbeibah indicated that the Libyan youth showed that they would not hesitate to discover, invent, and keep pace with development if they found support and were given opportunities.

He indicated that he had called for the establishment of "a club for developers and inventors" that would represent a new ideas-generator for the government that could invest in the brilliant minds of young people, and support their projects in the field of technology, communications among other fields. He also urged the private sector to make more effective contributions for work, construction and development.