A security bureau under the command of the Presidential Council's Interior Ministry freed Tuesday four Libyan journalists after detaining them for ten hours since last night, reported Libyan Center for Freedom of Press (LCFP).

LCFP reminded on Twitter the Interior Minister Abdelsalam Ashour of the need to take precautions to protect journalists and to establish a friendly environment for dialogue between journalists and security personnel for the best interest of Libya.

According to LCFP, the four journalists who work for Reuters and Agence-France Presse, were detained last night.

"They were arbitrarily detained while on duty covering illegal immigration issues in Abu Sitta Naval Base in Tripoli." It added, calling for an end of such a behavior and for protection of freedom of press.

Libyan News agency, meanwhile, said the journalists were Hani Amara and Ahmed Al-Emmami of Reuters and Mahmoud and Hamza Terkiya of AFP.


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