The National Reconciliation Committee at the Shura and Elders Councils Union in Libya urged in a statement Monday the Secretary General of the United Nations to replace its envoy to Libya, Martin Kobler, and investigate his violation of the UN charter through his conduct that violated the Libyan sovereignty.

The Union’s media spokesman, Abdullah Al-Deebani, told Ajwa Net that their call for interrogating and replacing Kobler came as he crossed the line limit of his job, which is giving logistic and humanitarian assistance to state institutions, and acted as the governor of Libya, in addition to his mysterious visits to some Libyan districts like Ras Lanuf, and his meeting with a Fezzan delegation, let alone the double standards policy he has been adopting.

“We blame the UN and hold accountable before the international community for the actions done by Kobler and his UNSMIL team.” The Union’s spokesman added.

The Union expressed last March its rejection and unrecognition of the Skhirat agreement and its outcome calling on Kobler to respect his mission and the UN charter.

The Shura and Elders Councils Union in Libya was formed late in November 2011 in Al-Zawiya city with 65 members from Shura and Elders Councils across Libya.