Libyan sources revealed to the Russian news agency, Sputnik, the most important points that were agreed upon by the members of the "6+6 committee" - which is convening meetings in Morocco currently - that is concerned with preparing electoral laws. 

According to the sources, the committee agreed on 80% of the basic articles of the electoral laws, including the election of the president and the National Assembly in its two chambers (Parliament and the Senate).

Among the most prominent amendments that were agreed upon in the electoral law related to the presidency, is a run-off between the first two top candidates, even if the candidate gets 50+1. Also, dual nationals wouldn't be able to run for the National Assembly and the Senate as all candidates must provide declarations that they didn't have other citizenships. 

The sources confirmed to Sputnik that the remaining aspects so far are the distribution of seats, the percentages of representation of women and youth, and the electoral districts. 

The committee that is made up from the House of Representatives and the High Council of State announced last week that it had achieved complete agreement regarding the points related to the election of the head of state and members of parliament. It said holding the parliamentary and presidential elections would be held simultaneously, and that the next legislative authority: the National Assembly; would consist of two chambers, the Parliament and the Senate.