The Libyan Minister of Transportation Mohammed Al-Shahoubi discussed Thursday with a delegation from Italian consortium ENAS the project of constructing the international and national terminals of Tripoli International Airport, reiterating the strategic importance of this project for transportation and aviation sectors in Libya.

The Libyan Minister of Transportation urged for speeding up the work operations and equipment importation in line with the construction work.

The CEO of ENAS, Elo Franche, told Libya Al-Ahrar TV Channel that Tripoli International Airport would be operational in 15 to 18 months if the security situation continued to be safe, saying they are pushing for speedy work after losing long periods due to the war in 2019.

He added that the five companies that make up the consortium are responsible for the project's designs, saying that they discussed safety and security conditions at the project site and the guarantees provided by the government for the safety of work, and explaining that all of those issues were included in the contract signed with the Libyan Government of National Unity.