Libyans arrested in Albania over smuggling diesel

Libyans arrested in Albania over smuggling diesel

September 19, 2022 - 21:31
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Written By: AbdulkaderAssad

Albanian local news outlets have confirmed the imprisonment of Libyans, among orher foreigners, over the smuggling of an amount of 2275 tons of diesel, which authorities seized in Durres.

The reports say that an Albanian court ruled imprisonment of the Libyan smugglers who brought diesel oil to Albania: The Libyans nationals were named as Zuhair Al-Kawafi, Emas Abushala, Mouayed Al-Taher, and Badr Teezini. In the police announcement, it was also said that the members of the ship's crew, included Syrian nationals.

Local media in Albania also reported that there were fewer liters on the ship than what was ordered, since the documents showed other figures, adding that the host company of the smuggled fuel was "Kastrati".

The smuggling operation was done by ten people, who in cooperation with one other brought diesel from Libya to Albania using a tanker ship. Meanwhile, the criminal proceedings have started for 6 other people and the captain of the ship is among those arrested.