The Libyan National Assembly for Seventeenth February Revolutionaries has rejected holding the UN-led economic dialogue in Egypt's capital saying it is "a biased country".

The Assembly added in a statement that the dialogue should be held in a neutral country not a country supporting the "war criminal Khalifa Haftar", citing the crimes and violations of Haftar's forces amid the support of Egypt and others.

"How will the results of the dialogue be in a biased country that has supported Haftar in his war and in all international and regional circles, providing him with all forms of support?" The statement asks.

It also lashed out at the intervention of UN envoy Ghassan Salame in Libya's domestic and foreign affairs, leading to disruption in the state councils, which "are not unable to limit Salame's interference or avoid contact with the UNSMIL until it is replaced".

It blamed all councils of the state, including the Presidential Council, for the situation, calling on the Government of National Accord to resist dictatorship and all kinds of trusteeship.

The same rejection to the Cairo hosting of the economic dialogue was reiterated by the Tripoli Society, which also said Cairo was biased, and added that the dialogue should take place in Libya or a human-rights-respecting country.

Salame told the Security Council last Thursday that the economic dialogue would be held in Cairo on February 09, without any further details about the agenda and participants.