Libya's Ambassador to the Arab League lashes out at the bloc’s double standards on Libyan conflict

Libya's Ambassador to the Arab League lashes out at the bloc’s double standards on Libyan conflict

January 01, 2020 - 12:21
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Written By: SafaAlharathy

Libya's Ambassador to the Arab League, Saleh Al-Shamakh

Libya's Ambassador to the Arab League, Saleh Al-Shamakhi has said that the double standards of the Arab League regarding the Libyan file questions the appropriateness of continuing under its umbrella.

In his speech at the Arab League meeting yesterday, he asked: "Where was the Arab League when we warned of the Russian mercenaries and Sudanese Janjaweed and others recruited by the aggressor forces?"

"Everyone is aware of the advanced support Haftar is receiving. They are all numbered and registered in names," he added.

Al-Shamakhi explained, "There is a great deal of talk about rejecting foreign interference, which is a good thing in principle, but when going into details, the interventions of countries supporting the aggression against Tripoli are not included.”

"What more can demonstrate the selectivity of the Arab League?" he asked.

He further expressed great surprise at the rapid response to the Egyptian request to hold the meeting on Libya at the same day of its application, recalling how the Arab League ignored a similar request submitted by Libya since the beginning of the brutal aggression on the capital Tripoli.

"The Arab League had completely ignored the matter. Its Secretary-General did not issue any initiatives and did not send an envoy to Libya. He has not conducted even a visit to Libya despite our repeated request," the ambassador added.

"For nine months, the Arab League remained dormant and said nothing on the crimes of the aggressor such as the bombing of civilian neighborhoods, civilian airports, immigration shelters, field hospitals, and ambulances," Shamakhi noted.

The Arab League held an emergency meeting yesterday at the invitation of Egypt, where the latter hoped to issue a resolution to condemn the Libyan-Turkish cooperation and withdraw the legitimacy from the Presidential Council (PC), however, the winds did not blow the way Haftar’s supporters had wished  and the meeting merely came out with a shaky statement confirming the legitimacy of the PC and considering the Skhirat Agreement as the bedrock for any solution.