Libya's representative to the United Nations, Taher al-Sunni, and his German counterpart Christoph Heusgen have called for the speedy exit of foreign forces and mercenaries from Libya.

Taking to Twitter yesterday evening, Al-Sunni stressed that both shared common views on the need to end all kinds of external interference that have continued since 2011 and launch a path of reconciliation and transitional justice.

The meeting also discussed preparations for holding the Berlin 2 conference on the 23rd of June.

Al-Sunni and Heusgen noted the importance of working to find an effective and real international consensus to support the will of the Libyans and the outcomes of the Libyan Political Dialogue Forum roadmap, as well as promoting and implementing the Joint Military Committee agreement.

The two sides pointed out the importance of implementing Security Council resolutions 2570-2571 and establishing the principle of accountability for all those who obstruct the political process and the consensus of Libyans internally and externally.