The spokesman for the Libyan Anti-Terrorism Force (ATF) Abdelbasit Tika said they had not depicted movements for ISIS in the area from southern Sirte to southern Tripoli - through southern Tarhouna and Bani Walid.

Tika added in a joint presser on Sunday with the spokesman for Sirte Protection Force Taha Hadid, that they had detained a number of militants in their Asefet Watan "A Nation's Storm" operation of last year.

"We are still cooperating with the international community including the UK, US, and Italy in surveilling and fighting terrorists. We are now also part of the coalition forces to defend Tripoli and repel Khalifa Haftar's forces attack, which is a terrorist act."

Meanwhile, Sirte Protection Force's spokesman said they intercepted phone calls for ISIS militants inside Benghazi threatening Al-Bunyan Al-Marsous forces, who defeated ISIS in Sirte.

"The remnants of ISIS took hiding in valleys near Bani walid after Sirte was liberated, adding that they are surveilling the movements of Haftar's forces and are ready to foil any attack on Sirte. We have depicted movement over the last weeks of ISIS terrorists heading south and we warned via media outlets about them." Hadid added.

He said the force is patrolling the city and its surrounding 24/7 and has all details about the movements of terrorists in the area, saying they depicted spy aircraft in eastern Sirte and shot it down.