The Libyan Presidential Council has tasked the ambassador to the Arab League Saleh Al-Shamakhi with chairing a delegation and attending the Arab Summit in Mecca on May 30.

Al-Shamakhi arrived in Jeddah on Tuesday in order to attend the emergency summit in Mecca, knowing that the Libyan Foreign Ministry said earlier that the Head of the PC, Fayez Al-Sarraj, had received an invitation from King Salman to attend the summit.

The Mecca summit has been called for on May 18 by King Salman of Saudi Arabia to discuss the attacks against Saudi and UAE locations.

Activists and politicians in Libya urged the PC to boycott the summit as its attendance would be an insult to the people who were killed by Khalifa Haftar's attack on Tripoli, backed by Saudi Arabia itself.

The High Council of State also called on the PC to boycott the Mecca summit due to the "shameful stance" of the Arab League toward the attack on Tripoli.

While Libyan Foreign Minister Mohammed Sayala said that eight countries had previously hampered the convening of an emergency summit called for by Libya to condemn the attack on Tripoli.