Heavy clashes took place on Saturday between Libyan Army forces and Khalifa Haftar's forces which launched an attack on Tripoli Airport and Kazirma frontlines under a heavy airpower cover.

A source from Volcano of Rage Operation said Haftar's forces managed to briefly advance on some frontlines in southern Tripoli by heavy artillery shelling and airpower, but the Libyan Army forces were able to receive backup and foiled Haftar's forces advance, retaking all lost positions.

Under the slogan (Mohsen Al-Kani) Operation, Haftar's forces started one of the most violent attacks on southern Tripoli frontlines trying to advance on Salah Al-Deen and Yarmouk Camp frontlines, as they are close to Tripoli's downtown.

The source added that Haftar's forces entered parts of the Yarmouk Camp before backup forces led by Commander of Liwaa Al-Sumood, Salah Badi, had intervened and began the most violent fighting for hours against Haftar's forces which finally pulled out.

The source also said that Haftar's forces used Grad rockets and Mortars in their shelling, adding that some shells fell on civilian farms as well as residential areas and injured a family in Mashroe Al-Hadba.

"Haftar's forces used Sudanese mercenaries from the Janjawid. They have lately become part of Haftar's forces structure. There were also Russian mercenaries from Wagner Group, which many reports said it was backing up Haftar's forces in their Tripoli offensive." The source indicated.