Bani Walid and Darj towns held their first municipal elections on Saturday, when after 8.00 pm local time, votes were being counted for the announcement of the winning names later.

Meanwhile, the Central Commission for Municipal Elections (CCME) said the elections went well in Bani Walid in 28 polling centers for 64 electoral units across the town.

Likewise, Bani Walid's branch committee for municipal elections said voting ration reached 32% of the registered voters, while the CCME said on facebook that the voting in Bani Walid was 40% men and 17% women.

"Final results will be announced later," the committee added.

In Darj, the CCME said on Facebook that the municipal elections went well despite an armed attack on one of the polling stations.

The Head of the branch electoral committee in Darj, Abdelkarim Al-Tayib, said an armed group attacked a polling station in the town, which is located in the southwest of Libya, and stole three voters' boxes, which were later recovered.

Bani Walid is a town where Gaddafi loyalists still chant support for the ousted tyrant and his regime, rejecting to recognize Libya's new flag or anthem.

Municipal elections in Bani Walid failed in 2014 for security reasons.