Counter-Terrorism Force (CTF) of the Presidential Council organized the first international anti-terrorism conference in Libya's capital, Tripoli, on Sunday under the slogan "Fighting Terrorism: Reality and Challenges."

The organizers said the conference aims to rally the international and regional support around Libya in the current crisis so terrorism can be eradicated from the country and its sponsoring sources can be blocked, adding that intelligence exchange can also help undermine terrorists' movements.

The conference also aims at defining the term "terrorism" so there can be effective combating efforts, not to mention the necessary international community's role in supporting Libya to have a clear scheme to see terror vanquish from the war-torn country.

"This conference is extremely vital and I hope we could come to pivotal recommendations at the end of it so we can help terminate terrorism, which has plagued Libya as it has the rest of the world." The Head of the High Council of State, Khalid Al-Mershri, said.

Meanwhile, Ahmed Mitig, a deputy head of the Presidential Council, said terrorism must be fought as it is odd to all Libyans and shall have no place in the Libyan society.

"The Presidential Council must support the fighters of Al-Bunyan Al-Marsous who were injured fighting terror." The commander of Al-Bunyan Al-Marsous operations room, Bashir Al-Qadi, said at the conference.

The conference was attended by several ambassadors and UNSMIL delegates as well as Libyan politicians and military figures.