The Civil Registry Authority's Head Mohammed Beltamir said Wednesday that they had issued national identification numbers (IDs) for the widow and family of Moammar Gaddafi after taking the needed legal measures, which he said led to the delay of the issuing process.

On Twitter, Beltamir said the authority stresses that its stance is not based on political conflicts in Libya and is only interested in providing services to all Libyan citizens inside and outside the country alike.

The Interior Ministry of the Presidential Council confirmed that issuing of the IDs to Gaddafi's family, including his widow Safiya Ferkash, citing its belief in justice and equality for all citizens as per the laws.

Last April, the Civil Registry Authority denied news about rejecting the issuing of IDs for the Gaddafi family, saying its committed to the rights of all citizens including the Gaddafi's as per the orders of the Attorney General's office, which informed the authority to start the issuing process.

Gaddafi's widow Safiya Ferkash has been staying in Cairo since 2014 after leaving Algeria, where she went in 2011 along with three of her children. In 2013, some of the family members went to Oman.