The Libyan Civil Registry issued a statement Sunday saying the claims of the Central Bank of Libya (CBL) that there are many fake national identification numbers (IDs) in Libya are very strange.

The authority lashed out at the "accusations of the CBL's governor Al-Siddiq Al-Kabeer," saying it called on the CBL to hold joint meetings to go over the matter, but the CBL either neglected them or continued with its attacks on the authority's reputation.

"We call on the CBL and the Audit Bureau to hold urgent meetings so they can speed up the start of allowing people to cash out the family dollar grant." The authority added.

Meanwhile, the Head of the Civil Registry Authority Mohammed Beltamer said Saturday that they had formed a committee to investigate the issue of fake national IDs, saying the news about a million of them is illogical and far-fetched.

"Elections should be delayed until the committee finishes its investigation so there can be no appeals based on this issue in the future." Beltamer added.

The CBL postponed the family dollar grant, saying there is a massive national IDs fraud, which was denied by the Civil Registry Authority.

Last year, the Public Prosecutor's office said it had contacted the concerned authorities and asked for the suspension of the family dollar grant until the claims of the fake IDs are probed.