Libya's Anti-Illegal Immigration Agency said Sunday it had received 107 illegal African immigrants, including women and children, who were on dinghies after sailing from Zuwara city heading to European shores.

The agency said on Facebook that Tariq Al-Sikka detention center received them and gave them the needed humanitarian assistance, adding that the center is facing lots of challenges given the shortages of capabilities.

On Saturday, Libyan coastguards rescued 89 illegal immigrants on a dinghy off north Al-Khums shores.

The media office of the coastguards said that the immigrants, including women and children and who were from African countries, were transferred to Tripoli port then they were sent to Tariq Al-Sikka.

A source from Libya's coast guard said so far in the last 48 hours, their patrols have rescued 237 immigrants in four different sea operations off Libya's coast.

The Anti-Illegal Immigration Authority said it won't be able to host any more immigrants for lack of capabilities and crowdedness as well as the halt of voluntary repatriation of the immigrants.