Libyan Defence Minister, Salah El-Din Al-Namroush has strongly deplored the "negative attitude" of the European Union towards Libya, especially the Union's stance on the attack launched by Haftar's militia on Tripoli, saying it was an attack on the legitimate government that enjoys the recognition and support of the United Nations.

Al-Namroush received today, at the Ministry of Defence HQ in Tripoli, the European delegation, which included the EU Ambassador to Libya, José Antonio Sabadell, and the commander of Operation IRINI, Admiral Fabio Agostini, according to a statement by the Defence Ministry on Facebook.

The statement said that Al-Namroush expressed to the EU delegation his rejection of the support that some EU countries provided to Haftar by feeding him with intelligence information.

The meeting was devoted to discussing cooperation between the EU and Libya in the area of defence, as well as the illegal immigration issue.

The EU Ambassador reiterated the block's support for all tracks that seek to support security and stability in Libya.

He said that the 5 + 5 Military Committee has been instrumental in supporting the peace process, hoping that the political team will do likewise.

For his part, Admiral Fabio Agostini gave an overview of Operation IRINI launched by the European Union and its objectives, stressing that the operation is carried out impartially and in the interest of all Libyans.

However, Al-Namroush disagreed with this view and insisted that the operation is biased, reaffirming his government's rejection of this operation if it continues to function in the same way.

"The reality on the ground is that the operation is limited only to monitoring the maritime borders while the land and air borders of the other side are open and continue to receive support from several countries," he added.

However, the Defence Minister emphasized readiness to open a new page for cooperation with the EU based on mutual trust, transparency and, respect for national sovereignty, stressing that unless the Operation IRINI covers all land, sea, and air borders, their attitude towards it will not change.