The Defense Minister of the Government of National Accord (GNA) in Libya, Salah Al-Namroush, said they had formed a committee to follow up on the war crimes committed by Khalifa Haftar's forces, including those under International Criminal Court's investigation.

The Defense Minister said, according to Volcano of Rage Operation's media office, that the committee would support the demands of the victims' relatives by briefing the relevant International parties and human rights bodies about the war crimes committed by the forces that attacked Tripoli.

"Any political settlement that is not based on renouncing violence and denouncing the offensive on Tripoli and other areas, compensating the damaged and holding the perpetrators accountable will remain fragile and face imminent collapse if, say, a new wave of violence commences." Al-Namroush said.

He added that "we" won't accept any illegal pressure to let go with the legitimate rights of "our people" and "will hold the criminals accountable and always reject making the attackers and defenders of Tripoli equal."

Al-Namroush hailed the consensus of the Libyan Political Dialogue Forum on a date for elections next year, reiterating the need to continue cooperation with friend and ally countries in military training and saying "we are ready for war to support the peaceful track."