The Libyan Defense Ministry of the Government of National Accord (GNA) said fighting rebels and aggressions doesn't grant any armed factions under the GNA impunity.

The Defense Ministry added in a statement that the clashes which broke out between Al-Daman and Osood Tajoura brigades - based in Tajoura eastern Tripoli - were violation of the security and stability of the state and a threat to the lives of civilians.

"We'll continue to exact the law in order to honor the sacrifices of the people who aspired for a civilian and democratic state." The statement reads, saying all forces under the GNA's Defense Ministry are under the command of the Chief Commander of the Libyan Army.

The Defense Ministry vowed to punish by law all those who violate the regulations of the law and threaten civilians' lives.

Meanwhile, violent clashes broke out in Tajoura between Al-Daman and Osood Tajoura brigades at Baer Al-Usta Milad area due to some disputes.

The Defense Minister Salah Al-Namroush ordered the dissolution of the two brigades Friday and referred their leaders to the Military Prosecutor to investigate the incident.