The Defense Ministry of the Libyan Government of National Accord (GNA) urged the UNSMIL to provide assurances that guarantee that no coup would be carried out against the newly-signed ceasefire in Geneva, citing several violations of ceasefires in the past, including when Khalifa Haftar waged his war on Tripoli in April 2019 while the Secretary General of the UN was present.

The Defense Ministry welcomed in a statement Friday the signing between the GNA and the representatives of Haftar's forces, hailing the efforts of the UNMSIL to achieve real peace in Libya as per Security Council resolutions and Berlin conclusions.

It also hailed the efforts of the dialogue's delegations and welcomed the lifting of force majeure by the National Oil Corporation after the departure of foreign fighters from oil facilities.

"The immediate withdrawal of foreign fighters from oil facilities and military sites is a good gesture for trust building ahead of the complete departure of all foreign fighters from Libya." The Defense Ministry said. 

It said the Libyan judiciary will have the final say in the crimes committed in conflicts, adding that if the procedures are hindered, then the international law and courts shall step in so Libya can never return to war and conflicts, saying no foreign power is allowed to intervene in Libya unless asked to by a legitimate authority in the country.