The Speaker of the Tobruk-based House of Representatives (HoR) Aqilah Saleh has said that elections are the only way to build a law and institution state and a state where power is peacefully circulated.

In a Sunday televised statement, Saleh explained that peoples can never choose rulers to reign forever, adding that the Libyan people must partake in the upcoming elections since transparent elections would give an irrevocable legitimacy.

Saleh also added that those who reject the upcoming elections in Libya want the country to remain unstable and want to use force as they please.

"However, only elections can solve the legitimacy issue, which has been the crux point of conflicts among parties over the last period." He explained.

The HoR Speaker also called on Libyans to exert more efforts and become united and distant from conflicts so that they shut the door in the face of any foreign intervention.

Saleh's statement came hours after Khalifa Haftar's statement in which he announced the expiration of the Libyan Political Agreement (LPA) on December 17, explaining that the all of the bodies formed by the LPA have become illegitimate now, saying that those entities have been ill-founded since day one.

From the very first day of the announcement of elections preparations, Haftar came out as a strong objector and aimed since then to obtain a popular mandate for him to rule the country.

His aim was manifested by his loyalists who ransacked the polling centers in some eastern cities and towns, before he had changed his mind in a meeting with the Italian Foreign Minister in the few past days, when he announced that he is OK with the elections on the condition that the High National Elections Commission would relocate from Tripoli to east Libya and change its administration, which he said is operated by political Islam parties.