Tobruk Parliament failed to meet on Monday to amend the constitutional declaration and vote on Skhirat government despite a quorum for the meeting was present.

A source said federalist and pro-Khalifa Haftar MPs erupted chaos to prevent the meeting. Backed with rioters from outside the parliament, they withdrew the attendance record and closed doors of the meeting hall. They also beat up an MP from the western region and threatened other western MPs to go back to Tripoli or they would be detained, according to the source.

MP Mustafa Abu Shagoor said there were more than 150 MPs present but they could not meet due to the spoilers. He added that parliament President Aqailah Saleh did not show up at the meeting hall, so they decided to call the planned session off.

The spoilers are insisting that article 8 of Skhirat agreement be cancelled and that guarantees for Khalifa Haftar as army chief are obtained.