The commander of the self-styled Libyan army, Khalifa Haftar, has announced the expiration of the Libyan Political Agreement (LPA) on December 17.

Haftar explained in a televised speech on Sunday that the all of the bodies formed by the LPA have become illegitimate now, saying that those entities have been ill-founded since day one.

He also pointed out that "the Libyan national army" won't ever succumb to any parties whatever the source of their legitimacy is unless they receive that legitimacy from the Libyan people, adding that Libya is now heading to a U-turn and the whole world including the neighboring countries are watching.

"My army forces and I will only follow the orders of the Libyan people, who are the source of authority, sovereignty, and decisions with their free will without any threats and interventions." Haftar further explained.

He indicated that the Libyan people have lost hope as they waited for so long for the "so-called government of national accord's" bodies to do something along with the promises of the international community and the United Nations, adding that Libyans realized that their country has gone through a road different form that of development and prosperity.

"On December 17, the signs show that Libya will enter a very perilous stage that is ominous of deterioration on all levels locally and this serious situation could spill to the region and the world." Haftar remarked, adding that after December 17, all cards are on the table since the international community has failed to resolve the Libyan crisis.

He added that he never saw any serious efforts by international and local institutions to find preemptive measures that can guarantee the security of Libyans and the future of their country, which could avoid Libya the current dilemma.

"All dialogues from Ghadames to Tunisia, let alone Skhirat and Geneva were all ink on paper. They could not solve the problems of Libyans, they were all a form of fighting for power." Haftar added.

According to the renegade general, his so-called command has contacted the international community, especially the countries that take stock in Libya's crisis and the UNSMIL, giving them initiatives to push forward the political process and end the prolongation that made Libyans suffer the more.

"We told them the solution must be ready before December 17 and there should be some measure in place for presidential and parliamentary elections so that they can pave the way for political stability in Libya, but nothing happened." He went on to say.

"Now the die is cast." He added, saying the LPA expired on December 17 and the UN prolongation as well as the Libyan parties' inflexibility, besides looking for personal interests all paved the way to the expiration of the agreement.

He also said that his "national army" was threatened by the international community with sanctions if they would act outside the UNSMIL action plan.

Meanwhile, the Head of the Presidential Council Fayez Al-Sirraj said the LPA remains in place even after December 17 until the elections are done or the LPA amendments are endorsed by all conflicting parties.

Likewise, the Head of the UNSMIL, Ghassan Salame, said in a Sunday statement that all Libyan parties must listen to the Libyan people and avoid any acts that could undermine the political process, pointing out that his action plan means to find the perfect environment for transparent and freedom-prompted elections in Libya.