Workers at the General Electricity Company of Libya (GECOL) held Monday a sit-in in Misrata condemning the kidnap of the head of distribution administration in the central region Abdelhadi Al-Gaziri.

Al-Gaziri was abducted in Misrata on Sunday by unknown persons amid gunfire opened on his car. He was released by the gunmen hours later, according to the GECOL.

In a statement, the GECOL workers condemned the verbal assaults and the beatings as well as the stealing of the GECOL vehicles among other equipment in Misrata without any interference by the authorities.

"We call for arresting the kidnappers or we will stop providing GECOL services in the city until the authorities respond to the incident." The statement reads.

They said they will keep the services away from the city until their demands are answered, adding that this could led to the collapse of the electricity network in Misrata and big parts of central and western regions.

This morning, GECOL called on authorities to act to prevent such criminal activities and to arrest the perpetrators, saying it and its workers are not politically oriented in their work.