The General Electricity Company of Libya (GECOL) has reopened the gas units (2, 3, and 5) that have been shut at the South Tripoli power plant after cleaning the air filters that are blocked by piled-up garbage.

GECOL said in a statement on Saturday that the accumulated garbage next to South Tripoli power plant and the smoke coming from burning the trash blocked the air filters of the units.

The South Tripoli power plant was shut down, leading to loss of 400 megawatts, according to GECOL, which added that the produced power wasn't distributed to transmission circles in southern Tripoli, leading to electricity outages.

GECOL also said it had held meetings with the Ministry of Local Governance and asked for solutions to the landfill next to the South Tripoli power plant, adding that no solutions have been provided yet.

GECOL also said that power generation units in Zueitina and North Benghazi power plants were off operations due to the decreased gas pressure, which is something that the GECOL warned of when the oil blockade took place in eastern ports and fields, saying at the time that the low gas pressure would lead to power outages eventually.