Attendees of the meeting of Libyan revolutionaries, held in Tripoli on Saturday under the slogan "Together for building a civil state," formed a new political party named "Libyan National Assembly" with a military arm called "Military Command."

The deputy head of the new party, Ghazi Ismaiel said their current foundation statement is a reiteration of the previous statement they issued in Al-Zawiya city on December 29, 2018.

The statement says that Libya's status quo is caused by the military coup of 2014, referring to Khalifa Haftar's Dignity Operation.

They also said that the Libyan crisis is caused by the lack of a government that can control the entire country, adding that the current bodies had failed in resolving the corruption and other issues in Libya, thus hindering the holding of elections as there isn't a unity government that can supervise the constitution referendum.

"We are in support for the constitutional declaration until all the current failing bodies are out of the political scene. Then, we can form new bodies based on consensus taken from the Libyan Monarchy until the new constitution is approved." They added.

The new party's statement also stresses the significance of the February 17 revolutionary leaders' first gathering statement - which was held in Gharyan - voicing support for forming a national military command for all revolutionaries' brigades.

"We also want to activate the National Guard apparatus that would be made up from revolutionaries' brigades to secure the civil state of Libya." It explained.

It indicated as well that they are against the crime committed by "coup" forces in Derna and in Benghazi as well as the crime being committed currently in the southern region.