The Libyan Foreign Minister Mohammed Sayala has welcomed the UN Security Council resolution that calls for a ceasefire in Libya, saying he has hoped the resolution receives a unanimous approval.

Sayala added that what is important for the UN Security Council resolution is the implementation of the ceasefire in southern Tripoli on the ground.

In the meantime, Libya's ambassador to the UN Al-Taher El Sonni also hailed the resolution, saying in his Security Council speech that the resolution was an official announcement of the failure of the aggressor and his supporters' military operations and coup against legitimacy.

El Sonni called on the countries that participated in Berlin conference to commit to the conclusions, adding that there are questions about how the resolution will deal with the repeated violations and random shelling by Haftar's forces on civilian neighborhoods.

El Sonni also talked about the need for mechanisms to prevent the parties and countries hindering peace from intervening in the country, referring to the UN panel of experts' report that said thousands of Sudanese mercenaries were positioned in Jufra, Houn, Garoun and south Tripoli as well as the Oil Crescent and their closure of the oil ports.

The UN Security Council adopted a British resolution on Wednesday by 14 votes as Russia abstained from voting. The resolution backs up Berlin conclusions that call for a ceasefire in Libya.