The Foreign Minister of the Presidential Council's government Mohammed Sayala told the 73rd United Nations General Assembly that Libya needs to replace the UN Support Mission from a political to a security and stability one, confirming move toward implementing the security arrangements, so police and military institutions can be united.

Sayala said the government is doing all its best to end the crisis in the country and will deal toughly with all those who try to impose agendas by fighting and violence, adding that they hail the efforts of the UNSMIL headed by Ghassan Salame that led to the ceasefire in Tripoli after weeks of bloody chaos.

"Salame's action plan has not attracted the needed progress as required by our government, which is with the calls urging for general elections seeing the Libyans' participation in voter registration." He explained, saying they are looking forward for the concerned authorities to their bits regarding the elections.

He also called on the countries where Libya has frozen assets to announce the amounts and help retrieve them so Libya can lead its needed development projects into existence.

"Because of the freezing of the assets, the money is suffering great losses in amounts and our government has told the UN Security Council and the sanctions committee in March 2016 about the losses, wishing to amend the sanctions' law so Libya can regain or protect its assets." Sayala indicated, explaining that they received no positive answer yet.

He reiterated that the illegal immigration issue must be resolved through the core causes that push immigrants to take the perilous trip in the Mediterranean, welcoming the gathering of the International Agreement for Safe, Organized and Regular Immigration, which will be held in Morocco in December this year.

Sayala headed the Libyan delegation to the UN 73rd Assembly General instead of Fayez Al-Sirraj, who couldn't go to New York due to Tripoli's violent clashes.