Libya's Foreign Ministry has accused the UAE of thwarting the political settlement efforts of the Libyan crisis, referring to the latest Abu Dhabi's scandal with Sudanese citizens who applied for jobs in the UAE to find themselves working as mercenaries in Libya.

"Such an act can only be explained in the context of the role the UAE is playing in supporting Haftar militia by deceiving young people and luring them into the UAE under different pretexts, but later, they were forcibly sent to Libya, exploiting their need to improve their living conditions," the Libyan Foreign Ministry said in a statement issued yesterday.

"This incident is not the first and will not be the last from this country, as it previously was involved in similar crimes with young people of different nationalities, in the most heinous forms of exploitation of human needs to work and decent life," the statement added.

The ministry affirmed that "every day that passes proves more and more the UAE's involvement in thwarting the political settlement of the Libyan crisis and its involvement in killing Libyan civilians and children."

The ministry concluded demanding the United Nations, the Security Council and the sponsoring countries for the Berlin Conference and the Moscow agreement to take action and investigate all incidents attributed to the UAE and its involvement and continuous penetration of the cease-fire and arms embargo.

It also demanded an inquiry into the recruitment of Sudanese youth to Libya, to support Haftar and his militia, in flagrant violation of international legitimacy and Security Council resolutions, and in an attempt to circumvent the Berlin output, according to the statement.