The Libyan Foreign Ministry has denounced the handing over of the Libyan embassy in Damascus by Syrian regime to the parallel government, saying this act is against UN Security Council resolutions that oblige countries not to deal with parallel bodies to the Government of National Accord, which is the only legitimate body in the country.

The Foreign Ministry urged in a statement on Wednesday the Security Council and Sanctions Committee to take the necessary measures against Damascus for this unlawful act of giving the Libyan embassy to an illegitimate government.

"This is an infringement of Libya's sovereignty and rights. We condemn this act and will take all legal actions against it so we can stop this mess." The Ministry added.

A delegation from the Interim Government in eastern Libya - loyal to Haftar - visited Damascus this week and met with the Syrian president Bashar Al-Assad and other officials. They then signed a MoU to reopen embassies in both countries and regain cooperation in regional international arenas.