The Libyan Presidential Council ordered the formation of a steering council and security director for Tarhouna municipality as forces under the command of the Government of National Accord advance to recapture the city from Khalifa Haftar's forces, who had been defeated and eliminated from all Tripoli administrative borders.

The Deputy Minister of Local Governing Abdelbari Shanbaro said meetings with the steering council of Tarhouna started earlier this week, as tasks were distributed for all members aiming to provide services for the local residents of Tarhouna once Libyan Army forces under GNA's command enter the city.

The Deputy Minister said the meetings took place in coordination with Tarhouna member of the House of Representatives Abu Bakr Saied.

He indicated that the Ministry of Local Governing is still in contact with some officials of certain sectors in Tarhouna city after they left and that everyone should be assured that basic services will be available for every body.