The Government of National Accord (GNA) discussed on Wednesday - first meeting in 2020 - the legislation of financial arrangements for this year and insurance policies for the fleet of planes of the local airliners.

The media office of the Head of the Libyan Presidential Council said on Facebook that the meeting also discussed the developments on military and security levels and the results of Fayez Al-Sarraj's latest overseas visits.

The attendees agreed to hold a meeting for the Central Bank of Libya, Audit Bureau, and Ministry of Finance to discuss the remarks about the financial arrangements, besides discussing the insurance policies needed for the fleet of civilian airplanes of the local airliners - against wars and natural disasters - in coordination with the Ministries of Finance and Transportation.

Meanwhile, the Libyan Ministry of Finance issued days ago a statement protesting the rejection of the Central Bank of Libya to greenlight its money orders, including the January salaries of state employees, saying it was waiting for endorsing the 2020 financial arrangements.