The Higher Committee for the Implementation of the Youth Housing and Needy Families Initiative of the Government of National Unity (GNU) - after Prime Minister Abdul Hamid Dbeibah announced the implementation of its first phase last Thursday - said the lists referred by the sub-committees at the municipalities are approved by the committee chairman (the mayor) according to priority not by the Higher Committee.

The Higher Committee said that the lists of those who got the loans from the first phase of the initiative are published on the official government platform and the Ministry of Youth, adding that some municipalities had not published their lists because they did not get sent from the sub-committees to the Audit, Compliance and Accreditation Committee. It said they would be published once they were ready.

These remarks came after several municipalities had stopped the procedures of loan beneficiaries, asking the Higher Committee to clarify the selection mechanism, which it described as unfair.

Several municipalities called on Dbeibah, and the ministers of local government and youth in the GNU, to cancel the lists that were issued by the sub-committee in the two municipalities to be reevaluated by a specialized, impartial committee from the government.

The municipalities also announced that the reasons for the suspension of lists are the selection of names for loans but in fact those names do not meet the conditions for the loan, which sparked a kind of mistrust among Libyans.