The Government of National Unity (GNU) rejected discussions and interference in the memorandum of understanding (MoU) it had signed with Turkey on Monday, stressing that the MoU is in the interest of the Libyan people.

The GNU spokesman, Mohammed Hammouda, told Febrayer TV channel that what is being said about the MoU is "a private matter" for the two countries, adding that addressing and interfering with this matter is rejected.

"For us, and if there are issues about territorial waters, we have issues and points of contention in territorial waters with Greece." On the island of Crete, it is one of the first and most worthy to address and pay attention to, and there are all diplomatic and legal means to deal with this issue."

Hammouda stressed that the MoU in the field of energy is an important step to enhance cooperation between the two countries and increase opportunities for energy production and investment of resources, in accordance with the practice of the Libyan National Oil Corporation in a manner that does not conflict with the laws in force in both countries.

"The MoU provides for the exchange of expertise and information, cooperation in various legal, technical and scientific aspects, organizing joint seminars and conferences, encouraging partnership between the private and public sectors and encouraging partnership between the two sides to increase investment opportunities, discovery and exploration, as well as the sale of gas and oil." Hammouda said.

Hammouda said that the local talk about the agreement stemmed from a lack of knowledge of the details of the MoU or out of political rivalries. He also urged for avoiding promoting what he called "division and misinformation" and to "wait in order to see the terms of the MoU", which are in the interest of the Libyan people.